We're a team of developers who have been building sites, online ads, games, applications and just about everything digital for over 12 years. We're looking to meet someone who is creative and fun to be with. We love small banner projects just as much as massive sites (40kb is plenty big for us).

We're happy to do the submissive thing - we understand how ideas change and evolve at a moment's notice. You can always count on us to go all night without complaints. Healthy budgets are always nice, but if you don't have a lot of money, it's OK - we can be a cheap date too.
But, before we go too far we have to be upfront about a few things: We're all developers. If you need a Jr. Assistant Project Manager to pass notes, we don't swing that way. You'll talk directly with the developer on your project every time you call, day or night. Also, you should probably know we've been around the block quite a bit (just check out our reel). If being with someone experienced is not your thing, this might not work out. 

So, if you're in the mood for some really hot and heavy interactive, we can give it to you fast and show you what you've been missing out on all these years.

Yours truly,
Andrew King Mike Wislocki Marc Leuchner David Grimes
Andrew King Mike Wislocki Marc Leuchner David Grimes

We are tinkerers.

We’re the guys who grew up with a burning need to know why things worked the way they did. We took them apart, in order to understand them, and to make them better than they were when we found them.

We cost our parents a lot of money and broke a lot of shit in the process. But hey, how are you supposed to know how a remote control operates without taking a few apart?

We knew, early on, that the best part about computers wasn’t that you could play games on them (although we did, a lot, and still do)- it was that you could learn their language, and teach them to do really cool things. Learning how to swear was fun; learning how to make your Apple IIe fill its screen with dirty words was even better.

We are perfectionists.

We’ve adjusted bezier spline handles for hours, because the eased motion they produced wasn’t quite right. We’ve refactored thousands of lines of code, just so they’ll run a little bit more efficiently. We’ve filled grocery carts with produce just to see which vegetable records most like the sound of breaking bones. We add incredible, painstaking details to our projects, because we hope you’ll notice, and because we couldn’t live with ourselves if we didn’t.

We understand the interwebs change.

We know that there’s an open road and a road that’s hidden, and possibly a brand new life around the bend*. We love Flash because of its ability to create engaging multimedia presentations. The way we see it, the more animation, sound, and dynamic data, the better. Now that native browsers can support a more robust experience through HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3, we’re changing gears and using techniques that Flash has taught us. We’re not masters of any particular technology; we’re masters of a way of thinking. And in the world of tomorrow, when we’re controlling the internets with our minds, we’ll figure that out too.

*Why yes, this is a line from the “Who’s the Boss” theme song.

We’ve been around since 2000.

Our services span the range of media made possible by the combination of technology and award-winning experience. We create web sites, banner ads, product demos, videos- pretty much anything that can be posted on the web. Each production involves the carefully orchestrated efforts of programmers, motion designers, 3d modelers, video editors, music composers, and audio engineers. It should be mentioned that there are six of us wearing all of these hats.

Our skills are complimented by our state of the art tools and software, and amplified by our dedication, vision, and expertise.

Above all, we’re accessible and flexible. We’ve hand delivered CDs to clients boarding planes at five AM (in the days before smart phones), we’ve pulled all-nighters offering support to customers as they migrated environments, and we’ve worked through a comical number of nights and weekends to ensure that deadlines were met. Our clients have access to us via phone, cell phone, IM, e-mail- you get the gist. We never go off the grid. The work we do doesn’t just represent your brands; it represents our company as well. We take great pride in our craft, and cringe at the thought of associating our name with shoddy work.

Most importantly-- we’re a small company who consistently operates at capacity without an ounce of energy expended towards outside sales-- All of our work comes from referrals and repeat customers. This is the best indicator of the dedication we offer our clients, and the level of satisfaction we generate in our engagements. All of our relationships have been built upon trust— and if we didn’t have the discipline, drive, and talent to earn it, we wouldn’t be working. In essence, we’re as invested in your project’s success as you are.



+ Front-end development
+ Back-end development
+ Motion design
+ Video production
+ Music composition and audio production
+ Game development
+ Standard and rich media banner ad development
+ Social media integration

Basically- if you can view it, play it, interact with it, or share it- we can make it.

Squarewave, LLC

290 Pleasant St. Suite 320
Watertown, MA 02472
P: 617.744.0675
F: 617.744.0672